The Team

Magali Thiboult



Magali appreciates both the simple and big things in life, always living life in the moment, she spent her childhood travelling the world, with frequent pit stops in and out of paris, she developing an intense love for adventure. It is this passion that more or less brought her down this creative professional. Magali had strong ambition for entrepreneurship and boldly pursued her dream. With a masters degree from HEC Business school in entrepreneurship, she went on to attain her WSET wine training certification. It is at this point in her life that she met her business partner, and together they launched Wine Passport.
Morgan Hubert



This is what Morgan needs. No doubt. A nice project, an extremely dynamic business partner, wine as a focus and some quite beautiful trips ahead. He put logistics and boxes aside and went back to study at ESC Dijon, a top French Management school that's also an excellent training place for wine. This helped him confirm his decision to start this adventure. Wine Passport can count him in!
This is more or less the reason for the birth of Wine Passport: She traveled the world and he tasted many wines. Her thing is to try local specialties, his is to get friends to discover them. For her, wine is some pleasure to share for him it's like a constant theme in his life...
No one can pretend that these two have issues with wine and cheese associations, on the contrary; But what they prefer above everything else are "wine and travel" associations, the "trip and Grands Crus" alliances, the discovery of wine through local regional experiences. All these treasures certifying their belief in their beautifully chosen profession!
There's no point trying to explain the purpose of Wine Passport: It's a story of passionate people, beautiful encounters and sharing all over the world.
You can count on them to ensure all Wine Passport packages have been tested and approved!