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    From the Canadian border to the Mexican border, discover Western American culture, landscapes, gastronomy and wines. The US has become one of the world's most important wine place. Indeed numerous wine routes will help you discover the territory from a different angle.

    California, Oregon and Washington are the three major states in the country's wine production. As vast as astonoshing you will visit the largest cities, the national parks, the mythical places and of course the most beautiful vineyards.

    Enjoy California, its beaches and mountains, you will have the opportunity to enjoy its way of life in San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Explore Portland and Oregon's lakes and meet Washington's wilderness, and Seattle's atypical city.

    American vineyards also extend to the East of the country.
    Wine Passport can also arrange you a trip in to the vineyards of North and South Virginia, North and South Carolina, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and New York.

    Focus 2 : WINE REGIONS


    In the western United States, California has all the best climatic conditions to produce exceptional wines. With 90% of the wine production in the United States, this region is a reference for wines from the new world. In this very large state, you can visit the most beautiful wineries on the country's wine routes and taste the best «AVA» (American Viticultural Area) appellations in the United States.
    In the Valley of Sonoma and Napa the Bordeaux grapes blossom beautifully under the California sun. You will also find beautiful expressions of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay and Zinfandel. Although native to Europe, this variety has become the emblem of the country. Terroir of Robert Mondavi, the architect of the rise of American wines, California is now the fourth world producer with its 200,000 ha. A must for any wine lover.

    Napa Valley:

    The country's first AVA, world-famous, Napa Valley has established itself as the land of great American wines. North of San Francisco you will discover the most prestigious estates, you will share a moment with the famous winemakers in the country and visit some of the most unique estates in the world. Enjoy great white wines from Chardonnay, French Colombard, Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc. You will be seduced by the great reds of the region: their reputation is such that one thought that Zinfandel (Croatian grape variety) one of the basic grape varieties of these assemblages, had been created in Napa!

    Sonoma Valley:

    Situated between the Pacific Ocean and Napa Valley, Sonoma follows the path of its neighbouring region and becomes one of the most popular areas of Californian viticulture. In a cooler and more rugged region, the work of the winemakers demonstrated the great potential of this high-altitude terroir. You will discover estates located near 500m altitude. During your tasting, you will feel the authenticity of the terroir, mainly on subtle pinots Noirs as well as excellent chardonnays.


    North of California take the Pinot Noir wine route.
    The vineyards, located south of Portland, are divided into two wine-growing areas.
    The AVA Willamette Valley, its six appellations extend to the western part of the state, you can visit the largest areas of the region. Vineyards are influenced by the Pacific, cool, wet winters, and dry, warm summers. This climate is ideal for grape varieties such as pinot noir and pinot gris, offering balanced wines with fruity aromas.

    The second wine-growing area is Southern Oregon, this wine route extends for 200 kilometers south of Eugene to the California border, The climate is the warmest in Oregon but some cool areas distinguish in the valleys and their foothills and allow the production of great wines. This area is known for its major appellations like Umpqua Valley or Rogue Valley.

    Washington State:

    The second largest producer of wine in the United States, Washington has seen many Wineries born to this land since the 2000s. Today, there are more than 200 of them for more than 20,000 hectares of vines.
    At the same latitude as large French terroirs (especially Bordeaux), you will find mostly international grape varieties such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, chardonnay or riesling. Most of the state's vineyards are located inland, in the arid valleys of the Columbia River and its tributaries. This wine route will take you to the AVA Columbia Valley, where you can taste the wines of AVA Yakima Valley and Walla Walla.

    Focus 3 : Why Wine Passport ?

    Wine Passport works everyday for several years to offer you exceptional trips around wine tourism.
    Our passion for wine, gastronomy and travel help us to find the most beautiful wine regions of the world.
    Whether you are wine professionals or beginners, you want to discover a region or only its vineyard, we will be able to meet your expectations.

    We organize your stays according to your wishes!


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